SOPAC Squad Membership Conditions


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Assessments for Potential Swimmers


The Squad Coach is responsible for all squad assessments. All current squad swimmers will be assessed throughout their program, not on any particular day. Movement from squad to squad is on coach’s recommendation only. If you have any enquires on your child’s progression please make an appointment with the swim school office on 9752 3666.


How to Make Contact with you Coach


We advise you discuss individual concerns or issues with your current coach. If you need additional information please organise an appointment with the Head Coach. This can be organised by contacting the Swim School Office on 9752 3666.


Parent Involvement


Parents are not to be on pool deck during training. Parents are encouraged to watch sessions from the seating galleries in the Competition and Diving pools. Training pool sessions should be observed from the café or from the leisure side of the pool where possible. Parents are not to become involved in training sessions. Parents that wish to talk to the coaches must make an appointment outside training times.

Parental involvement in the sessions interferes with the disciplinary process of the session. It is distracting to the coaches and swimmers. The swimmers need to concentrate on instructions from the coach not the parents. Parental involvement undermines the confidence of the coach, and the swimmer’s confidence in the coach. Swimmers should be responsible for their own equipment. Please respect this request; its aim is to ensure an optimum learning and training environment. Parents who have concerns regarding their children’s training sessions should make an appointment at the swim school office.



Credit Policy


Credits are only considered for students who have incurred the following:

- Illness/hospitalisation where minimum one week has been missned, moving house or relocation out of the area.

- Family holidays of one week or more, where written notice has been received by the Swim School Office one month prior to absence.

Credits for extenuating circumstances such as study leave or personal reaons must be addressed to the Aquatics Supervisor in writing.

Circumstances that qualify will be at the sole discretion of the Aquatics Supervisor.


Cancellations - Please notify the Aquatics Supervisor in writing

Credit - money will be credited to you to use for future programs





Refunds will not be offered for missed training sessions.

Refunds for cancellation of the squad program will be at the discretion of the Aquatics Supervisor




Consideration for High Performance Squad membership is made by the Head Coach Mr Job van Duijnhoven.


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