SOPAC Squad - Member Information

Squad Training Equipment

All squad swimmers are required to provide their own equipment including foam kickboard, fins and pull buoy.
Each swimmer is required to bring a water bottle
Wear a SOPAC Swim Team cap to each training session. Caps can be purchased from the swim school office for $12.00 each.
It is advisable that swimmers have a spare pair of goggles and swimming cap in case of equipment failure.
Swimmers are welcome to leave their equipment in the locked cage provided, however the Aquatic Centre accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen property.

Health and Diet

It is the swimmer’s responsibility to ensure they arrive prepared and in a fit state to train. Injuries, illness, medication and other relative information should be reported to the coach prior to the start of session.
If a swimmer is unwell, they are not required to attend training. In this event, contact the Swim School office 24 hours prior to the session commencing and inform the office staff or provide a doctors certificate so that the training session can be rescheduled.
Please ensure swimmers have an appropriate diet and only a small snack (such as a piece of fruit) no less than 45 minutes before training commences.
Please ensure swimmers also have an appropriate snack after training (such as a piece of fruit, muesli bar, sports drink or water) within 30 minutes of completing their training session.


Starting on time is important. It allows the coach to fully explain the session to the whole group increasing the time the coach can spend providing feedback and correction.

Lap Etiquette

Always swim on the left hand side of the lane
Leave at ten second intervals or when the Coach tells you to
Please overtake to the right hand side of the person in front
Once a skill is taught please continue to use that skill throughout the program
Always complete every lap by finishing on the wall
Please allow other swimmers to finish the lap by moving to the side.

Squad Rules

Be on time! Have your equipment ready to go. (Be aware, if you are not on time, you will not be permitted to train and you will not be entitled to a make-up lesson
Do not swim before your session
No diving unless under complete supervision by your Squad Coach
Do not enter the pool until you have marked your name off with your coach and understand the coaches instructions for the session
All necessary equipment must be brought to every training session. Any swimmers who continue to attend without appropriate equipment may be asked to forfeit the lesson
Any inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated


Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre